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American White Pelicans near Christmas Island, Salmon Arm

 I associate Pelicans with tropical areas and didn't expect that they would migrate far from there. So when we picked up a brochure on Williams Lake when we were driving through, I was amazed to read that Pelicans are regular visitors. They breed at Stum Lake in White Pelican Provincial Park (about 2 hours from Williams Lake) which is then closed for all activities from March 1, to August 31 every year to ensure the birds are not disturbed while the young are growing. The Pelicans however, fly beyond that lake to feed, and; they make stops along the migratory routes to and from the area down the coast to California and Mexico, so there are the occasional photo ops in areas you may not have thought of as Pelican territory before. And Salmon Arm was one of them.

 We hadn't been to this park before, and far off across the marsh Paul noticed large white birds through the binoculars he thought might be Pelicans. Bingo. It will be a favourite park when we go through now. 


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Photo Taken

Date:Sep 05, 2014
Location:Nature Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
City:Salmon Arm


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