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dewy morning Aster & green Sweat Bee

 We arrived early enough this morning that dew hadn't disappeared, and sparkling droplets glistened all over the place. Spiderwebs hung like jewelled necklaces, and flowers and grasses put on a dazzling show. I was originally trying just to get the flowers along the path, and was disappointed when I realized this one had a ride along .. until I saw the jewels extended from the petals to the bee.  Then the hunt was on to ID both the bee and the flower.

 After much searching, I found this guy, and identified its host. It's a Sweat Bee, and the flower is an Aster. According to, "Sweat bees, also referred to as halictid bees, are so named for their habit of landing on people and licking the perspiration from the skin in order to obtain the salt. Bees in this family are common throughout North America, with over 1,000 species occurring in North and Central America." 


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Photo Taken

Date:Sep 05, 2014
Location:Nature Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
City:Salmon Arm



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