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My high school friend's son Jeremy, is an announcer for Victoria's The Zone @ 91.3. As if his shifts weren't entertaining enough, he spices things up with chatter about life in general. And in specific, he often talks about his precious daughter Madelyn. This time it was a delicious bit for Mother's Day. You'll want to share this with all the moms you know:

MadelynI bought one of those greeting cards where you can record a message. The script was, "Happy Mother's Day Grandma, I love you, from Madelyn."

We did a few takes and just couldn't get it the way Madelyn liked. Finally I said, "OK, this is the LAST one alright. So make it count." And she went off script.

"Grandma I love you very much and you know that. Make sure to send a card back when its kid day! Love you! (kissing sound)."

After clicking here, or on Mads' picture (left), hit the play button at the top of the page that pops up to hear the card that will definitely make you smile.



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