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Every once in a while I look at the amazing clips people have sent, and add them to the website. This is one of those times that the music and dance people have been sharing has pushed me over the top: here are some wonderful pieces you're sure to enjoy.

This Man Moves Like MercuryWe've never gotten the bug for watching reality shows, but I occasionally tune into dance competitions and am amazed by the fluidity of some people. This is one of those instances where you'll be carried away with the moves. I'd love to see how I'd fare doing a Salsa dance with this man - on the other hand, I'd be scared of the insurance costs to compensate for spraining his ankle by falling against him.


The Cup Song

This enthralling clip (right) is simply one singer, backed by 600 students playing what look like plastic beer cups. But the sound and rhythm belie that simplicity. You'll probably be smiling, pumping your fist, and swallowing back a lump by the end.


Touch Wood with BachSome advertising agencies are worth their weight in gold. In this case (left), they definitely earned that honour. Somewhere in a Japanese forest, Bach was played on a long wooden xylophone that cascaded down the hillside, to promote a cell phone. The creation and final presentation are shown in this clip, and it's all really amazing. 


Creativity comes in so many different forms, and it's great to be able to experience them. 



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