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  I must say that one of the nicest places to wander with a camera in hand, is the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. Whether it's cloudy, sunny, damp, or undecided, there's pretty well always something to see. 

preening Sandhill Crane @ Reifel Bird Sanctuary  I feel really lucky that we don't have to go to a zoo to see beautiful creatures like the Sandhill Cranes - and especially fortunate that they are comfortable enough to have people as close to them as they get. I guess they are like Canada Geese and Mallard Ducks in that sense - they have become inured to the people that hit the same trails they often frequent. 

Sandhill Crane eating out of hand   The Sandhills are often so calm around people that they will deftly peck seeds and grain from out stretched hands.

   With the above in mind, I stretch my thoughts to recent events. We don't have dogs or cats, but all of a sudden we have new tiny critters trying out for the roles of pets. They aren't pets though. They're not even like the beautiful Sandhills. They're opportunistic ants. (No pictures necessary). We almost have their bags packed in total, but just a few stragglers still want to stay. I'll be glad when we've said our last goodbyes to them. I guess the warmer weather is waking up a lot of fairweather guests. And I'd much rather have Sandhills flocking the backyard, than ants asking for treats.

 Please feel free to share, click on the pictures for more details, and check back for more pix. 



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