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If I could wish one thing, it'd be to share a few smiles now and then. At least that's what I want now

Just Thoughts - SmilesWe're still a few months away from picking glorious flowers like this (left) from our gardens, but they're always wonderful to share. And what better way to brighten the day up, than with a Cala Lily. Dazzle yourself.

Just Thoughts - Odds & EndsAnd this little piece (right) came about because a few friends were very vocal about chain letters. They hated them in all forms. Because chain-letter-like messages often get posted to FaceBook - ending with edgy lines making people feel guilty about not re-posting them, I created something simple that's fun to share. It doesn't end with a dare or a taunt. It's just made to make you smile.

Please fee free to share .. and click on the pictures to see more. 




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