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 After uploading a few songs yesterday, I had to check what else was crying out to be posted. I have so many wonderful clips and pieces to share but just don't get focused on them enough. So now's the time. 

Mandisa - Overcomer I'm not sure who originally shared this on Facebook, but it's got a beautiful melody, and strong, clear vocals. Together, they just spin a delicious piece that's fun to have on.

Tchaikovsky flashwaltz

 It doesn't matter what time of year it is. I love listening to Tchaikovsky - but it always reminds me of Christmas because of the Nutcracker Suite. Can you imagine walking through the grand entranceway of a hospital, museum, or other stately building and finding an orchestra moved in and started playing this? That's what happened here. The power and resonance of the music, with the emotions of the people in the clip make it a wonderful piece. And just listening is special - but watching it adds that something extra.

baby reacts with joy & tears to mom singing

  This is just a cute little piece of a baby reacting to her mother's singing. It really is amazing how she went from happy to teary in moments, and flipped back again - all in reaction to the singing. Her mom might be making gestures as well, but I would imagine it's mostly the strength of her tone that makes the baby react. 

the pink tutu project

 And finally, with the strength of emotion from the previous pieces, here's one that pulls emotions from other areas. It's funny, sweet, poignant, and heartwarming. This husband of a woman suffering with cancer makes her, everyone around her, and anyone else laugh with his pink tutu shots. This is what love is about. And may his tutu project site make the impact we all want on cancer. 

 Please feel free to share. And to see more click here for tunes, and here for clips click on the pictures to play the clips. Or go to the Ear Candy, and Clips albums in Music & Various Clips, or added March 6, 2014 in the Recent album.



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