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  You know you want a new camera or another lens when you're going on vacation and hope to find lots of reasons to take shots you won't get otherwise. You know you need one when you get there and prove yourself right but don't have it. Yowch.

flock of pelicans near Creston

  It was almost like infestation, or a scene from The Birds where flocks unthinkably amass and the sky starts to look leaden with wings and bodies practically filling every blue space above ... OK, it wasn't that bad, but if there were 50 Pelicans above us, there must have been 100. They just kept coming and adding to the numbers already in the air. Magical.

wild Quail in Osoyoos

  And then not quite at the same level of magic but still really impressive, we saw a covey of Quail. They weren't too bothered about us pulling over and me stepping out to get shots, though they did chase ahead of me so I couldn't get any face on shots. But you can see the black mas of the male with part of his brood.

 Please feel free to share, click on the pictures for more details, and check back for more shots from the zoo. 



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