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 Some clips are worth fist bumping, or getting sore cheeks from laughing and smiling over. These are some of them. 

stuffing a duvet - Meredith Viera

 Whoever dreamed up the duvet came up with one of the best night time creations ever. That was, until washing the cover and the re-stuffing routine happens. This clip however, takes the nightmares out of the process. After viewing this, making the bed will never be a nightmare again - and you will be fist bumping

Don Cherry - piano desk

 This is a clip from a few years ago, but it made me laugh then, and it will probably do the same for you now. Don Cherry talks hockey like he always does, and punctuates his thoughts with piano-key hands. Someone put the music to the motion, and made it magic.

5 year old with 3 girlfriends has a decision to make Some kids put everything in perspective so neatly. This little boy does just that - and he'll put a smile in your heart.




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