It's always fun to go for a stroll and have a natural show put on by water dandies like brassy Hooded Mergansers, sly Cormorants, and laid back American Coots.

  Well helloHooded Merganser @ Brydon Lagoon redhead.  She's a beauty and none of that fiery spark is from a bottle. All natural, and full of sass. Hooded Mergansers are little diving favourites. 

Cormorant on a log @ Brydon Lagoon

   Ever get caught gazing into the eyes of someone with pure emerald or kelly green staring back at you. Well that's what it feels like looking at a Cormorant - except you're not going to have a great conversation over a cup of coffee with one as well. American Coot @ Brydon Lagoon

  American Coots wear the black of a dusky night, with a few small punctuations to notch up the midnight attire. With Coots, it's a dab of rouge on their foreheads, two beady red eyes, and a coloured band across their beaks. And if they show you their funky feet, a blast of blues to boot.

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