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 Without the zoo we wouldn't have a chance to see a lot of the critters that live in far flung areas of the world, or even isolated regions nearby. And we certainly wouldn't be able to save some of the more rare animals that are diminishing because of changes to their habitats. It's a one-two punch. I'm sad captivity seems to be the only way to preserve some critters, but glad we are able to keep them around.

Slender-tailed Meerkat  Meerkats are cute, curious, and very social. I would imagine a wildlife photographer filming them in the would have an endless supply of stories to share over coffee and cards with friends.

giraffe on B&W

   Even at their shoulders (at about 6 feet), Giraffes are head and shoulders above a lot of people. So getting those perfect head shots is a bit of a challenge. Good telephotos are real bonus.

Bactrian Camel close up - with sepia

  Bactrian Camels - originally from northwestern China, and southern Mongolia can be found in far reaching areas now, including Australia, Africa, and the mid-east. The area they most seem associated with is the desert climate with sandy stretches that go on for days. So I stripped the soft colours from the background and changed them to a warm sepia to give more of a desert look.

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