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  Once upon a time a little child wanted to make friends around the world, and see all the images story books brought to life. Animals and landmarks, and people galore. An adventure. And one day, at least part of that was made true with a visit to the zoo.

Greater One-horned Rhino  I used to group Rhinos and Hippos together as similar large beasts in Africa. Then I read about the so-docile looking hippos' aggressive behaviour and status as one of their top killers. So I wondered if the two were together, how each would fare. It seems like there are about as many clips showing one besting the other, as the reverse - so here's one that shows both sides; the Rhino wins at first, then a Hippo wins. 

Whooping Crane   Whooping Cranes tend to mate for life, and lay two eggs each breeding season. Of those usually only one survives, and within 3 months, it's full grown.

Rocky Mountain Goat herd   Female Rocky Mountain Goats (nannies) are family animals, staying with their young (kids), most of the year (left). The males (billies) on the other hand, tend to isolate themselves. Rather than the larger herds of up to 20 that females are in, they're often in groups of just two or three males. 

 Please feel free to share, click on the pictures for more details, and check back for more shots from the zoo. 



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