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 There's nothing so special as a zoo on a sunny day. Some of the animals go about their days without paying heed to those peering at them, and others seem to give the same curious looks back that we give to them.  

Slender-tailed Meerkat standing up  When a Meerkat (left) gazes back at you it's almost like he's doing a staring contest to see who can outlast the other. And they're very good at outlasting. 

Bactrian Camel close up

   A camel (right) profile evokes images of Joe Camel for me. That half smile and calm gaze. Like Marlon Brando in an old promo for On The Waterfront. 

male Muskox   They may seem to be very similar animals, but Muskox (left) and Bison are more like cousins than brothers and sisters. Or brothers from another mother. For all that this guy may look really big, he's a tiny fellow compared to a bison.

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