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  Apparently, families of young children are becoming quite aware of Elves that sit on their mantles and other places around the house, keeping an eye on the kids - and who knows what else ahead of Christmas, and probably throughout the year. Knowing this, this gentleman, a dad of a few young children - set out to capture one of these feisty gnomes in action. And boy, did he. They may seem cute and innocent to start, but they do have a bit of a mischevous side at times.

elf on the shelf 1  Here's the first shot showing innocence and mirth.

elf on the shelf 3

  Elves may keep an eye on your family, but who will keep an eye on the elves this season?

elf on the shelf 2

  Is this the secret behind the elf's nature?  

Please feel free to share. For more peaks inside the life of a shelf elf, click here. And thanks to Alan Lawrence for sharing these magical shots of a special little guy with us. Rockwell, you're a star. 



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