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  It would be wonderful to live on the banks of a local pond or waterway, so you could see the changing seasons unfold with the different cycles of the wildlife that haunts the area. We don't have that luxury, but at least we're not far from a local lagoon.

  Mallard duckling @ Brydon Lagoon 1I was thrilled to get a number of great duckling shots this year, but a little surprised when I found out that my camera was set on sepia so everything had that old feel, like ducks of yore. Happily, these ones have the golden touch of the ones kids love to see and feed.

Song Sparrow @ Brydon Lagoon 2Mallard duckling @ Brydon Lagoon 2Sparrows seem to be the diehard birds that hop and dash back and forth from branch to branch and path to shrub without much ado about the heat in summer, or cold in winter. They're just the happy little guys that make walks through parks a little better. 

  Too cute by two. If one wasn't enough, here's a second one blowing bubbles.

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