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 Sometimes you run across clips and articles that are just too interesting, or precious not to share.  These two below are just some of them.  Hope you get a few smiles from them.

and so God made a dog

 Dogs have always been one of my weak spots - I love them, and wish I could have a houseful. The shots in this clip (left) emphasize their special qualities - and the dialogue just ups it a notch or two.

make pliers from wood

 If you've ever wanted to make a special project that would amaze yourself in being able to complete it, and put your friends in awe, this is probably one you'd love. This clip (right) shows you how to make a pair of wooden pliers from one piece of wood. Ten notches in the wood is all you need, and you then have a working pair of pliers.

make a DIY emergency survival heater.jpg

Here's another amazing project (left) that you could use at an outdoor patio party, camping in the wild, or during a winter power outage. It's simple to make, and effective.

heater from candles & a flower pot And for one more heating device you can simply craft, check the link out (right).

Please feel free to share.  To see the clips, click on the pictures, or go to the Clips folder in Music & Various Clips to see more variety.




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