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  There is something special about the ads some companies craft for Christmas. They just take you to another level. So here are a few of the ones that will make you go ooohhh.

 Christmas ad - elderly man learns English  This is one of the most endearing ads I've seen in a long time. That is, until a spate of Christmas ads came out with some very stiff competition.

Christmas ad - Marks & Spencer - 2014  What makes this ad so wonderful are the little quirks and funny upsets that happen in otherwise perfect little fairy moves. It's worth watching again and again. 

Christmas ad - John Lewis 2015

  There's a little magic in this piece that takes you from a girl's heart to the moon.

Please feel free to share. Click on the snaps to watch the clips, and to get your Christmas spirit in gear go to the Christmas album to see more. 





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