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  The big day is still quite a few good nights' sleep away but commercials make it feel like much less. As long as you're going to be seeing them for the next while, enjoy a few you'll like watching again.

 Harvey Nichols - Sorry I Spent It On Myself  Apparently, Harvey Nichols runs Christmas ads in England each year that people can't get enough of. I honestly don't know how these people could say their lines without cracking smiles.

NBA - Carol Of The Bells  The creativity in this Christmas NBA spot is really high. You may not realize at first what they boys are drumming out with their balls, but give it a listen and you'll hear Carol Of The Bells.

Bailey's Nutcracker Suite

 For anyone who loves dance, music, West Side Story and a bit of martial arts, this is fo you. For everyone else, this is for you too.

Please feel free to share. Click on the snaps to watch the clips, and to get your Christmas spirit in gear go to the Christmas album to see more. 





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