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 Now that I've started a food album, fun, strange, and just plain interesting bits are standing out. Some of these I'd been saving for a little bit to share, but others have just litterally dropped on my desk. I'll start with a few basic clips that can really help in the kitchen .. then finish with a really crunchy ending.

separating egg yolks

 I don't do a lot of baking - mostly because if it's there, it has to be eaten ☺. But one of the reasons I certainly don't look fondly at fussy recipes is the need to play with eggs, separate yolks, and get messy. If that's a bugaboo for you, you'll love this. You can separate eggs in a flash, and not get your hands in the middle till you want to. Click the picture (left) to see how easy it is.

peeling eggs in a snapAnd now on the topic of eggs, here's a simple one to shell them. I've tried this a couple of times, and the first time it worked like a charm. The second time I didn't have as much success - and I think that as they say in the clip (click the picture at right), this works best with fresh eggs, not ones that have been sitting in the fridge for awhile. It's worth a shot no matter what, and when it works it's incredilbe !!

peeling a potato in a snap Continuing with peeling, here's an easy way to slip potatoes out of their skins. Thanks to Dawn Wells (of Gilligan Island fame), you can see how to peel potatoes without a potato peeler. (Click on the picture, left.)annual Explorers Club dinner cocktail hour

And finally, thanks to my aunt for sending this on, you can see how one group of adventurers takes epicurean curiosity to crispy new areas. 

 Please feel free to share .. and click on the pictures to watch the clips, go to the new Food folder in the Fun album, or added March 3, 2014 in the Recent album.




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