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Yesterday I posted a varied selection of Christmas pieces, and today I'm doing more of the same - except this time, they're all from the same group. I only found out about The Piano Guys a couple of months ago, and they've apparently not been around for much longer than that, but they are already a sensation. These Christmas songs give an indication of the range of their talents - from consumate muscians, to accomplished comedians with an art for subtlety. 

 ThePianoGuys - RudolphRudolph is an example of talent I would not have expected. It's not a long piece, but if you don't have time for the whole thing, start at around 30 seconds. You'll love what happens next.

  We Three KingsWe Three Kings is an enchantment at a skating rink. It is a very visual piece - right up to the outtakes at the end. And if you've never tasted light symphonic music before, this should give you a real appetite for it. Steve Sharp Nelson's absolute delight playing the cello (and all variations) will practically make you dance. 

 ThePianoGuys - Charlie Brown MedleyAnd finally, The Charlie Brown Medley is a perfect take on what has become a cherished favourite for so many people. 

To view more, go to added December 21, 2012 in the Recent album folder, or go to the Christmas albumto see all the Christmas selections.  

Please feel free to share. Click on the links to watch the clips, and to get your Christmas spirit in gear go to the Christmas album to see and listen to more. 



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