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 It's been a little bit since I posted any music, but I've gotten quite a few clips in that are really asking to be shared. Be careful though. Some of them are fine for background enjoyment, and others will pull you away from whatever you're doing to focus entirely on the video and the sound. Be ready to smile from ear to ear.

Chris Standring - Sneakin' Out The Front Door

 With a serious nod to Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love, this Chris Standring song, Sneakin' Out The Front Door (left), is a backyard party full of fun. From the young girl who joins in with her little guitar, to the lip syncing friends, it's got sass down to a T. Jazz and funk come together with a lot of attitude in this one.

Chris Standring - Night & Day Next to an old standard done with just the right tempo and warmth. Chris Standring takes on Night & Day (right). To those friends who enjoy guitars, this is one you'll relish. For some, you'll be able to tear yourselves away and just listen. Others will prefer watching finger technique than doing anything else.

junior shag dance - Kayla & Jeremy

 Sticking with a little older material - and back to one you'll want to watch - Kayla and Jeremy (left) won the 2012 Junior Shag competition with this I-wish-I-could-do-that dance. I used to take dance lessons, and loved the energy and flair involved in a lot of the steps - but I would never have been able to do what these two did. They really hit all the beats. He is so fluid, and she just melts into his moves. They go perfectly together, and with their choice of "Flip Flop And Fly".

Yaouen - Celtic Wind (on a harp guitar) And finally, back to a guitar - but one with a little different profile than you're probably used to. This is a harp guitar (right(, and for all that I'd never heard of or seen one before, when I started searching, I found a lot material on them. This one just softens the curves of the moment, with a little mellower sound, and though you'll love the graphics and clips in this piece, it's proabably one you can more comfortably play in the background without the need to constantly tear yourself away to watch. 

 Please feel free to share. And to see more click here, click on the pictures to play the clips, go to the Ear Candy album in Music & Various Clips, or added March 5, 2014 in the Recent album.



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