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  A few weeks ago, and a few before that as well, there were reports filtering through various news channels and groups of sky watchers, that flyers were making runs across the sky. Now, that's not a normal thing to hear or see, so investigators quietly pulled out telescopes, SLRs, time lapse, and fast speed cameras. Sure enough, images caught showed a very uncommon spectacle. You might say it looked like a sleigh and a bunch of reindeer speeding across the heavens.

a practice run  I am sure a few people could recognize quite readily the silhouettes that were frozen in print across the country and around the world. But many still wondered if they were truly witnessing one of the most incredible moments of their lives: how after all could the big man be doing practice runs around the world, and overseeing the elves, gnomes, and fairies working tirelessly at the pole. Magic happened all around us those nights.  

 Is this Santa's vacation house  And just as quickly as the big night seemed to finally come and then pass, so too did Mr Claus slip away. It's been noted that there are a few places hidden around the world that appear to have his stamp on them. Vacation homes for his down time? I'm not sure we'll know soon, but there seem to be niches he'd probably love to call his home away from the long days he puts in most of the year. Maybe you've seen one or two of them.

vacation time

  And when he gets a moment to himself, he must do what any happy, tired, satisfied, gentleman would do. Have fun. Did someone say scuba? Skiing? Hiking? Biking? Taking art lessons? - they're probably necessary in order to create some of the incredible gifts he delivers. Look around the next time you're out. That man in red down the trail from you may be Mr C on vacation.  

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