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 Down a little-used path in a quiet snowy forest Reindeer gather for an uncommon reunion. There is talk that the key to getting an invitation is being part of Santa's crew, but the attendees wouldn't confirm anything. They were reluctant to invite anyone outside their extended herds to the function - but did include one outsider. Such is the secrecy of Reindeer Games.

Rudy's buds Don't think of them as Caribou Contests, or Natural Olympics, but picture the majesty of the 'boo in their splendour. Those who fly, flew great sweeps across the sky - some say in defiance of an unspoken rule that says they should not soar except on Christmas Eve with Santa in tow. 

Rudy's buds

 First they started quietly coming for shots to remember the occasion. In twos, then threes, and then more. No quick shutter, or special camera could catch them in their most memorable of acts, but the happy expressions on those who'd already taken to the sky that day set them apart from the others. Those who hadn't taken to wing were chomping at their bits and lusting to go.

Rudy's Buds

 The incredible reach of this gathering was evident by the variety of those who came. Almost Fairy Tale like creatures wandered out of the forest and into the light. Some small, some not. Some sporting cheery red noses a la their well known hero. But all excited to be there. 

Rudy's buds

 Each one claimed they would not speak of this outside that ring in the forest - except they invited one photographer to share their memories, so they gave up that idea. They just didn't want their flying captured ... yet. And like the Santa Reunion they chatter about, this will probably live long in their thoughts.

 To those few who couldn't make it - begging of being tired, or suffering with colds - there's always next year. 

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