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 I don't take a lot of portraits, so this was a busy day of satisfying egos, getting the lighting right, and fitting everyone in according to their busy schedules. Let's just say some of the Santas thought they were more important than others, and when they found out a few were doing group shots, the numbers multiplied. Soon it was every Santa for himself.

tall Santa The very tall, sedate Santa (left) was the first to arrive. He was very gentlemanly, and patient - and enjoyed the chance to mix with the other Santas when they started to arrive. It was a pleasure for him to pose with the next arrival - a more spherical St. Nick, with a very terry beard (right).

two Santas

 The two looked good together - a nice contrast in opposites. Both were a joy to work with, and I'd have them back again. The only things they asked for were cookies and milk.

Santa mug shots As the day wore on, it became obvious that the energy wouldn't lessen, and it was prudent to catch some of the antics since many of the Santas were starting to point gloved fingers at each other. The animated gif (left) tells a short tale of the start of busy day, with a lot of excited Santas.

Santa guys


 This shot (right) still shows a calm group of Santas quietly posing with each other. The intent of the session was to get more individual shots than group ones, but the Santas seemed to love gathering to show their stuff. Maybe the tall ones liked looking more serene than the short ones, or maybe the shorter boys liked contrasting their finery with the less ornate bigger boy outfits. No leaping had occured here, yet.

Santa guys

 I'm sure lasting friendships were made amongst all the Santas - or at least memories of a special group on an unforgettable day. They'll still be talking about the Santa who flew into a shot to demonstrate the Santa-dive-and-roll chimney-manoeuver long into the new year.

 And not to be outdone, the Reindeer heard about this reunion, and put on one of their own.

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