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  The British seem to be so adept at creating Christmas ads you can't turn away from. Here are a few more.

Christmas ad - John Lewis - 2009 - sweet child  I am always taken by little children saying things more like an than you'd expect of someone young. And this cute ad caught the Christmas wonderment and appreciation by children, but with an adult spin. It's delightful.

 Christmas ad - Sainsbury's - 2014 One of the most poignant productions I've seen in a long time, this spot was based on actual happenings during the First World War. It is very special.

Christmas ad - Sainsbury's - 2011   Jamie Oliver and a fairy tale cast put a bit of magic in this celebration.

 Christmas tree

Please feel free to share. Click on the snaps to watch the clips, and to get your Christmas spirit in gear go to the Christmas album to see more. 




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