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Perpetuum Jazzile - AfricaMy aunt sent me one of the most unique and ear-catching pieces of a cappella jazz by a choir called Perpetuum Jazzile. Forget it just being ear-catching though - it's also very eye-catching. In order to absorb the full performance, take in the first minute or so (up to the cheering) with your eyes closed. Then start from the beginning again, and watch it through. You'll be amazed. This is truly a wonderful piece of creativity. 

Perpetuum Jazzile - Wave (Sergio Mendes)
That got me on a venture to find more, and I was rewarded with many great pieces. I've added a several, including their version of Sergio Mendes' Wave. The piece is so strong, I can feel myself soaring with the notes - though I'm not doing it out loud in order to protect the ears of those around me. :)

Perpetuum Jazzile - Wave (Sergio Mendes)And not to be outdone by their music, they also have an ad for mineral water that really takes advantage of their talents. As with their Africa selection above, listen to it with your eyes closed - then watch it once it's done. It's really impressive. (Don't be concerned if you don't know the language of Slovenia where this group is from - the ad carries itself superbly.) 

George Benson - Beyond the SeaAnd because Perpetuum got me focused on jazz music, I had to look up and add George Benson. His music is so powerful - but watching him on stage is another pleasure entirely. He is a wonderful showman !!  Though I hadn't heard him perform Bobby Darin's Beyond the Sea before, he pulled it off with such electricity it was was a do-over-and-over-and-over-again. 

Al Jarreau - Take 5Then George led me to Al Jarreau doing Take 5 like no one else. His opening was and is so captivating that you'll probably be looking for more Al.




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