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 There are clips people share back and forth that make you pause. And then there are some that make you stop, ponder, and share. Here are a few that made me laugh, wonder, think, and want to pass them along. Click on the images to see the associated links.

first moon party Here's one with enough irreverance to make you pause, laugh, and appreciate life in a new way. You'll probably laugh long after it's over .. then want to watch it again.

Norberto Jansenson - Azulejos puzzle This should make you blink a few times and scratch your head trying to figure out what you just saw.

Norberto - Azulejos puzzle - EXPLAINED

 And this should provide you with the answers as to how the sleight of hand above happened. Pretty seamless until you see this clip.

 Southern Baptist Pastor accepts his son

 And finally, something to make you reach into your soul and feel good about everything and everyone around you.

 Please feel free to share.  To see the clips, clicks on the pictures, or go to the Clips folder in Music & Various Clips to see more variety.




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