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My aunt emailed me images of South Africa'a Kulula Airlines. I had never heard of them before, but after seeing the images of their planes and reading their in-flight messages, I had to check them out further.

Kulula Airlines - the big cheese - closeup


The planes may be the first things you notice about this airline, but they're not the only things that draw attention. Flight attendants, ads, and the whole kit plus the kaboodle are fun. Take a moment with this link (left) to scroll to the bottom. You'll be glad you did !! 

Kulula Airlines - Top Gun ad


If I lived in South Africa, I'd want to investigate taking Kalula after seeing their print, and TV ads. So much creativity. Who wouldn't want to have fun on their flight?

Heidi Brauer talks about Kulula, their campaigns, & successes


Heidi Brauer, Executive Manager, talked about various campaigns, including their 4th wife flies free run, the individual looks of each plane (from cows to camouflage, and more), and how fun plays a huge role in where they are. 

kids' in-flight safety video

From my research into Kulula, I also found a too-cute-not-to-share clip on in-flight safety.  Take a moment to view it before you take off on your next trip. You'll be glad you did !!


Travel should always be this much fun. 




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