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I've said this before: if you're not a fan of classical, or light symphonic music (yet), ThePianoGuys will surely move you in that direction. Berlin (below) is their latest, and the really delightful part of it (aside from the music), is the creative way the cellist (Steven Sharp Nelson) plays a variety of extremely intriguing looking cellos.  

ThePianoGuys - Berlin


ThePianoGuys - Mission Impossible.jpg

After viewing Berlin, links came up to see a few more of ThePianoGuys' works, and Mission Impossible was one of them. True to form, it takes music to places you may not have gone before. Keep it as a background piece while you're doing something else - after you've had a chance to watch it through. Your cheeks will probably hurt after seeing it - but laughter is great mediciine !! (And be sure to keep it on long enough to see the outtakes at the end of the clip.)


ThePianoGuys - Paradise (Peponi) behind the scenes

And finally, Mission Impossible led me to the making of Peponi (Paradise). It's an amazing clip of the group getting everything together for the filming of their video to back this song .. on the top of a precipice, with craggy spires and a phenomenal view all around. 


Click on any of these images to see the pieces ... or click here to see even more in the Ear Candy album, within Music & Various Clips. 



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